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Erasmus > Recruitment for ERASMUS study periods

Recruitment for ERASMUS study periods


INFORMATION for II-III year BSc and I year MSc students

study fields: Electronics and Telecommunications – ICT

Faculty of Computing and Telecommunications (FCT)

starts the information and recruitment action

concerning the study periods in ERASMUS+  programme

in the academic year 2021/2022


Information meeting PUT Erasmus Day - online presentation (in Polish):


Faculty information meeting: ??.12.2020 room


Online submission period: ??.12.2020- 17.01.2021

Very important for international PUT students from beyond EU/EFTA: the EU states and universities require a student visa from Erasmus students not being the EU citizens!


Detailed information: dr Jan Lamperski, Faculty Erasmus/ECTS Coordinator

jan.lamperski@put.poznan.pl ; +48 61 665 3863, -3809

Polanka - room 025-26 lab, room 131 (speaking hours Wednesday 10.30-11.30)


dr Anna Pawlaczyk: anna.pawlaczk@put.poznan.pl

room 505 (BM building) Monday, Wednesday 10-15, Tuesday 8-11 (online).



PUT International office web service in English:




• average grade for the whole study period

• knowledge of the language of instruction at the chosen university

documented with the grade of a language course and/or an international language certificate

(grade 5 (A) of a language course or certificate = additional 0,2 point to the average grade)


NOTE: usually English is the required language of instruction. But e.g. French universities have classes (courses) in French as a rule. A similar situation is in some other partner universities, e.g. in Greece, Portugal, Spain, or Italy, where the classes are run only or in  a major part in national languages. Please be careful about the information about the course language in the educational offer of particular universities!

• participation in student research groups at FCT

• participation in Erasmus Student Network (ESN) at PUT





Who can go for study periods?

The study periods are available for the students of III year BSc, and I-II year MSc studies of ET, ICT as well as the TZI programme.

Study period during the diploma year (semester) does not release the student from preparing and defending the MSc thesis by the deadline valid at PUT!


The student can participate in the Erasmus Plus mobility for the period of max. 12 months at each study level (cycle): 1-cycle (BSc), 2-cycle (MSc), and 3-cycle (PhD).


Duration of study period

varries between 3 and 12 months, i.e. one semester or whole academic year.

The study period must be included in one and the same academic.

The bilateral agreements with particular universities define the maximum numbers of outgoing students and available months of stay.

Current list of bilateral agreements at:


Agreements for FCT ET/ICT- in section Partner universities


Learning Agreement

Form available at: https://www.put.poznan.pl/pl/studia-erasmus .

The outgoing students choose from the educational offer of particular universities at least 4 courses per semester. The courses should be as similar to those in respective year and semester of studies at FCT PUT as possible.

The chosen set of courses must be accepted by the study period supervisor, who signs the Learning Agreement.

ATTENTION: ECTS credits for languahe courses are not recognised by the FCT PUT.

ATTENTION: Also courses to be credited at FCT PUT should be indicated in the LA (please arrange carefully the question of crediting the MSc thesis and/or diploma seminar! this is not automatic at FCT PUT.


Changes to original Learning Agreement

In practice, usually upon arrival to the host university the students make changes in their LA, because the final version of course offer for a given academic year or semester is at most universities defined much later than the recruitment deadlines at PUT.

Crediting of semesters at host and home universities

To have respective semesters credited at FET PUT, you have to:

• achieve min. 30 ECTS credits per semester (and min. 60 credits per year)

• pass all the exams required by the host university.

The fulfilment of the above conditions must be confirmed with the Transcript of Records.


The grades achieved abroad are written into the student’s electronic grading file, after confirming by the study period supervisor, and the crediting of the semester is finally decided by the vice-dean for education FCT.


Extension of study period

The prolongation of study period (still within one and the same academic year) should be arranged according to the ECTS rules, with the agreement of both universities.

Applications for prolonging the study period and its financing, together with the written consent of the host university and the vice-dean for education FCT, should be addressed to ERASMUS Institutional Coordinator at PUT. The ERASMUS scholarship is not guaranteed!


Study abroad beyond the ERASMUS programme

Study period abroad may also be taken beyond the ERASMUS programme, according to the rules of ECTS system. A student who intends to take part of their studies that way, should:

• firstly, obtain the written consent of a given university for enrolment

• agree the Learning Agreement with a selected supervisor at FCT PUT (who should have the dr habilitowany degree).

If the study period is about to take place in the diploma semester/year, it is recommended that the study period supervisor be at the same time the diploma thesis supervisor. The rules for preparing the diploma thesis at FCT PUT should be also arranged with the supervisors at both universities.

• obtain the consent of the vice-dean for education FC PUT.






Info for students qualified for ERASMUS study periods






The students qualified for study periods fill in the application documents required by PUT and those required by the partner university.

The forms must be filled in electronically, signed by the students, the study period supervisor, and the vice-dean for education FCT, and by the Institutional Erasmus Coordinator. The student sends/submits electronically the application to the partner university.

Please send the electronic version of forms to Anna Pawlaczyk (anna.pawlaczyk@put.poznan.pl).

(It turns out to be very useful to complete or change some data, or to arrange many questions concerning the study periods:)


Application forms required by PUT


Learning Agreement Before Mobiility Section

Please give your contact data, email and (GSM) phone!

Please calculate exactly the duration of your study period in months!

A language course abroad or other preparatory course before the beginning of the semester (academic year) can be included into the duration of study period, and at the same time into the period of ERASMUS financing (scholarship).

The duration of study period is between 3 and 12 months


Learning Agreement

The students choose at least 4 courses for minimum 30 ECTS credits per semester.

When going for the whole academic year, the student should achieve min. 60 credits per year. The credits do not need to be then divided equally between the two semesters.

Please REMEMBER that the choice of courses during the recruitment is usually temporary, because the offer of courses valid for the next academic year appears much later at partner universities. Upon arrival at the university, at the beginning of semester, the students usually update the LA – by means of the Changes... form within the LA.



Transcript of records

It should include all the courses credited in the previous study cycle.

It is recommended to write one grade per given course, i.e. average grade of all forms of classes (labs, exercises, and lectures-exams).


Application documents required by partner universities


should be downloaded from the partner universities’ web pages.

Links to respective web pages and forms are given with the descriptions of partner universities, as well as in the pre-prepared ECTS forms in menu ERASMUS / Partners.


The documents required by the universities, including the print-outs of on-line applications, should be also delivered to the faculty/university coordinator.





are usually sent to the candidates within ca. 1,5 month after the deadline for submitting the applications. They may be accompanied by different useful information about the university, studying, dormitory booking, etc., and sometimes also by another forms to fill out. Please fill out and send back such documents ASAP, leaving a copy for yourself.




It is also recommended to get informed, on your own, about the procedure and deadline of booking places in student dormitories.


NOTE: not all partner universities offer places in university dormitories!



The finances of ERASMUS programme

are wholly managed by

International Relations Office and Institutional ERASMUS Plus Co-ordinator


Current info about the financial rules and scholarship amounts available at: https://www.put.poznan.pl/en/departures-put/scholarships


ERASMUS scholarship is awarded to every student qualified for a study period at PUT.

The scholarship is envisaged as a difference between the costs of living abroad and in the home country (Poland).

The period of scholarship payment covers the time of courses at the host university, and also a language course, confirmed in the Confirmation Letter issued by the host university. The study period duration certified in this document is the basis for determining the final amount of the scholarship.


The ERASMUS scholarship contains:

• basic co-financing  – an amount guaranteed in the agreement set up with PUT.

It varies depending on the host country.

• additional financing of 200 euro per month – paid to the students having the social scholarship at the PUT.

So far, the scholarship have been paid in two instalments:

90 % after the confirmation of the duration of study period (written, by email to the institutional coordinator), within the deadline of one month since the beginning of the study period

10% after the full completion of the study period.


Scholarship is paid to the student’s bank account run by a bank in Poland, in PLN or euro.


The rules for financing the Erasmus study periods abroad are defined in detail in the agreement set up by the outgoing student and PUT (please contact the Institutional Coordinator).



Language requirements and courses


Online language course

Online language test before and after mobility is obligatory. Details will be provided by the PUT Erasmus Coordinator.


Courses organised by partner universities

Most partner universities organise intensive, 2-3-week courses of their national langue before the start of the academic year, or before each semester.

Usually he courses are free of charge, but e.g. in Germany they cost ca 140 euros. More info – in web services of partner universities.

The course can be included into the study period and be financed with the Erasmus scholarship, according to the rules defined in the agreement.





Formalities before departure to host university (PDF)


AT the FCT Dean's office

Before going on Erasmus every student leaves at the FCTDean’s office:

• application to vice-dean for education for crediting at FCT PUT the respective semester(s) based on the grades achieved during the Erasmus study period

This is for the Dean’s office a formal confirmation of the fact that the student carried out studies abroad, being at the same time a FCT PUT student.
• copy of Learning Agreement

The copies can be picked up at the end of the academic year at the Dean’s office.
• copy of the agreement with PUT.

Resignation from the study period

If you resign from the study period, you should ASAP:

• inform the supervisor of the study period

• inform the Institutional Coordinator and deliver to her a written information about the fact, signed by the vice-dean for education

• leave a copy of this information at the Dean’s office (for Anna Pawlaczyk)

• inform the host university! Individually or through the Institutional coordinator



At the International Relations Office – ERASMUS+ coordinator

The ERASMUS agreement, set up with PUT

is the basis for obtaining the scholarship. On behalf of PUT it is signed by the prorector and the head of financial department.


When is the agreement signed?

• study periods in autumn semester – the agreements are usually ready at the beginning of July.

• study periods in spring semester  – the agreements are usually ready in December/January.


Declaration of having all the required courses credited

Student signs a declaration skating that they have all the required courses credited before signing the ERASMUS agreement.

If the student has not credited all the courses yet, an agreement of the vice-dean for education is needed for going for Erasmus without all the ECTS credits achieved.


Health insurance – EHIC or equivalent

is required from the outgoing students.





Changes to LA

Every change in the Learining Agreement should be agreed ASAP with supervisor of the study period, possibly by email (can be done via Anna Pawlaczyk).

NOTE: Please send the Changes to. LA form with deleted and added courses when asking for the supervisor’s acceptance, even if the host university does not require it!

When the supervisor accepts the proppsed changes, the student fills out the page Changes to original proposed study programme overleaf the Learning Agreement ECTS form).


The form, signed by the student and the appropriate person from the host university, should be sent (by post, scanned by email, or fax  +48 61 6652 572) to Anna Pawlaczyk at the FCT Dean’s office.

The Changes form is then signed by the vice-dean for education and the Institutional LLP ERASMUS Coordinator.


If the host university requires the original of Changes form, it should send 2 copies of forms by post to the address of FET Dean’s office or Institutional ERASMUS Coordinator. Our university re-sends then one signed copy.



Changes and confirmation of duration of study periods


should be reported ASAP to the Institutional Coordinator. Please remember that the dates written in the application are usually temporary, they may e.g. not cover the  language course.



Prolongation of study period

The study period abroad can be prolonged, within one and the same academic year -  based on the ECTS rules, with a consent of both home and host universities. ERASMUS scholarship is then not available! Application to prolong the study period, confirmed with the written consent of the vice-dean for education, should be addressed to the Institutional Coordinator.






Crediting the semester at FCT


In order to credit the Erasmus study period at FCT PUT, you should have:

• Transcript of Records from the host university

Usually the original ToR comes by post delayed, but the grades can be also written in the indeks and examination card based on a printed electronic version of ToR.

• A list of credited courses for FCT Dean’s office for education – a list of credited courses, with their titles in English and Polish, the teachers’ names, grades in the PUT local scale, number of lectures-exercises per week and ECTS credits, signed by the study period supervisor.


NOTE: If the ToR contains the titles of courses in national languages, they can appear in the list but Polish and ENGLISH titles must be given there!


Please be careful about the dates of the examination periods and crediting the semesters.

If the ToR is available only after the official exam period and semester crediting period at FCT PUT, the student should apply to the vice-dean for education for prolonging the date of bringing the indeks to the dean’s office!!!



Formalities with the Institutional ERASMUS+ Coordinator


On return from Erasmus, the student presents at the International Relations Office:

• Statement of study period dates:

·      the statement should be issued on the official paper of the host university

·      IMPORTANT! The statement must be issued with current date, i.e. at the end of the study period, and not a few months earlier

·      Exact dates should be given (from …… till ……)

·      The statement should inform that you are a student of PUT participating in the Erasmus programme

• Copy of ToR


·      can be found and filled out on-line at the web page of Polish National Erasmus Agency www.erasmus.org.pl





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